about my art

When I get inspired, it is always by a theme (e.g. chaos, pollution, noise).
It is very seldom that I get the idea for one exact painting.
It's the theme and then comes the idea for the style I want to use.
After that the paintings create themselves, with me as a tool, and I keep on painting until the ideas run out.
That is the reason why I work in series, and the reason why my style is so versatile.


The idea for this series came to me during the corona lockdown.
A time where I once again became aware of all the smaller things in my everyday life that makes me happy.
Things that i normally tend to forget, but things that actually means A lot to me, and things that are a important part of my life.
The colors and shapes in this series, are inspired by the colors and shapes of insects and spiders, small things that we perhaps don't appreciate, but they play a big important role in the ecosystem.


The Baustelle series is inspired by the construction sites I see when I walk around in my hometown.

Each painting represents a place in our everyday lifes, where we in some way construct in order to build something new, or reconstruct to maintain the old. The acceptance of things as they are, are not existing. We want to be stronger and better all the time.

But do we, in our eternal strive for perfection, forget to live in the moment and enjoy the present time.

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